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We, at Krishi Kiran, are the leading greenhouse manufacturers in India. Established in 2009, with a mission to bring a huge revolution in this industry. We always love to offer our services to owners, growers, investors, and all others who are willing to work with the best.

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Greenhouse building is my passion

Keep calm and Greenhouse ON

We, at Krishi Kiran, keep our clients always first. We understand the exact requirements of our clients and always find the best and accurate solution for them. Krishi Kiran has made a unique name in the greenhouse industry with everlasting efforts and dedication.

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Thanks for planting me

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We are so happy that our previous clients are fully satisfied with our services which also motivate us to give our best. The devotion has led us relentless drive to raise the quality and quantity of our greenhouse services.

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Polyhouse Construction Company

make your greenhouse the way that it should!

The corporate office of Krishi Kiran is located at Udaipur, Rajasthan. Backed by our huge experience in this industry is engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive array of polyhouse, solar pump, agriculture, and, horticulture. In our orbit, we provide Net Shades and Net Houses.

Offered products and services are manufactured using top-notch technologies and exceptional quality inputs in compliance with industry quality standards. We are offering these services in different configurations to select from. All our skilled persons use their deep knowledge in this field and work very hard to offer our clients with best in quality range. Moreover, to enhance the attributes of our product, we have hired a team of experienced research and development professionals.

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Why Choose Us

With our huge experience, we have improvised on our products and services on the basis of the learnings we acquire in the past ten years.

In the past ten years, we have seen a variety of projects which helped us to grow and offer the best services to our clients. We are so overwhelmed that we have successfully completed 150 projects.

The plants like Mushrooms, Leafy Greens, Spinach, Herbs, etc which are used by us in developing a greenhouse are best in quality.

It is not worthy to doubt on our product and services because there is highly experienced team members behind the services we are offering.

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Polyhouse Construction Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do I determine the location for a greenhouse?

In ideal circumstances, you need to do as little digging up as possible for the location of your new greenhouse. You will require a spot which is near to the house to link to water and other utilities. You will require enough space to align the long section of the greenhouse east to west, and have an uninterrupted sunlight exposure of at least six hours in winter.

How big should my greenhouse be?

This totally depends on your budget and the area of your yard. The ideal plan is most likely to acquire a greenhouse just a bit bigger than you think you require unless you have enough space. You will discover that you rapidly outgrow the smaller greenhouses once you begin this process. Normally the bigger you go, the more expensive it would be. So it is best to go for a greenhouse which fulfills budget and space requirements.

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Greenhouse is also called a glass house, it is a structure with walls & roof made chiefly of transparent glass or material in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown, and here we are the manufacturer of green house with fully automatic, totally new concept of soil less without water & electricity providing full assistance in starting of project to completion & also we can create a model of green house or any other farming method, and this structure range in size from small sheds to industrial- sized buildings, all these as per your need.

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Polyhouse or greenhouse are much similar but polyhouse or we can say polytunnel it is made up of steel & covered in polythene, usually semi-circular or square in shape, and we are the manufacturer of this type of house, the green house/polyhouse is construct by us & on the ordering of house we were created or construct for your need.

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Hydroponic farming is also called as vertical farming, it is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. A plant just needs select nutrients, some water, & sunlight to grow instead of using traditional soil. So we have an ideal growing conditions in terms of nutrients, water & light, this ability to grow in the vertical. Our company will provide you a hydroponic farming structure & it has an advantage or characterized by less wastage of water & nutrients than soil farms.

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